Perks of Living in Vancouver Island

Located just on the coast of Canada, in the Northeastern Pacific is Vancouver Island which is 460 kilometers in length, 100 kilometers in width and a population of 775,347. It is also the largest island on the West Coast of North America. Vancouver Island is known for its beautiful sights, beach resorts like Tofino and Ucluelet which are an attraction for the tourists. It’s also known for fishing, hiking, Scuba diving, surfing and skiing.

There are many perks you get if you decide to live in Vancouver Island so there are multiple reasons for you to make that decision and we will discuss a few.


Vancouver Island presents a great opportunity to people who want to maximize their lifestyle. People can get to enjoy the outdoor activities, water activities, winter activities and parks and wildlife. Vancouver Island is also enriched with Festivals and Events that happen throughout the year and food and wine in also part of the attraction.

There are many employers who have moved their operations in Vancouver Island due to the affordability. Immense growth is observed in the tech sector and there are limitless opportunities for its residents while still having room for more growth.

Another part of the lifestyle in Vancouver Island is you can get to home from your office in 15 minutes and can have the luxury of spending more time with your loved ones and can afford to change careers without having the burden of the crippling mortgage.










In Vancouver Island, the Real estate is very affordable. Nothing is as affordable as Vancouver on west coast within 50 kilometers. Vancouver also gives an opportunity for investment in properties in areas like Nanaimo and Duncan because there is high rental demand and competitive pricing caused by many factors such as a growing university.

Less Traffic

If you decide to live in Vancouver Island, you don’t have to worry or stress about the traffic as it’s never been an issue in Vancouver. Even if you live far from the main markets, it will only take a 20 minute drive to get you to a market where you can fulfil your shopping needs.

So considering the affordability and the lifestyle opportunities you can have in Vancouver Island, it’s a great place to invest, live and start your career.