5 Services That a Property Seller Wants and Need from a Real Estate Agent

The most obvious service that a property seller would want from a real estate agent would be the selling of said property, at the highest price possible, and in the shortest time.  But, there is actually more to the process than only this. 

The Most Important Services that a Seller of Property Expect from their Real Estate Agent

  1. Find a Buyer; finding a buyer for their home is the first concern of any seller. A real estate agent could help with their marketing plan, advertisements in writing, multimedia, radio, and their listing platform for new properties on the market.
  2. Sell the Property within a certain Time Frame; usually as fast as possible. Marketing is again the biggest factor to accomplish this.  The availability of the property need to get out there and it needs to be seen.
  3. Pricing their Property competitively; the price should not be too high and not draw the attention. The property should be priced according to other similar properties on the market.  Real estate agents should be up to date on the prices through doing a thorough market analysis, regularly.
  4. Advice on how to make their property still more presentable; suggestions on what to do to make a home more attractive to possible buyers are welcomed. Any advice on how to enhance the presentation and look of the property will be welcomed.
  5. Deal Negotiations with buyers; a real estate agent knows how to negotiate the best deal for a client, and therefore, this can be expected as an important service.

Helping with the paperwork, organizing the needed inspections and Settlement preparations are more of the services that a property seller expects from their real estate agent.