It can be fun and exciting to begin the search for a new house, or for your first home.  However, it can also be very baffling and confusing when you start to look at the difference in price and style and the factors that can influenced that.

That is our job; to give you all the relevant information and insights on the properties available in any given area.  We keep up to date with the economics of the local areas, and also with all the other factors that can influence the real estate market.

Whether you are selling or buying, our business is to provide you with the services you need.  We know what is trending in all the areas we serve.  We know what will influence the prices in the future when you might need to sell the house you now want to purchase.

Through research and study of the local community, keeping on track with new developments in all areas, and the influence these developments might have, give us the edge.  We like to give that edge to you, to help with the necessary decisions you must make.

We would love to be of service to you.  Contact us at Tel. No. 403-685-9881, or send an e-mail to info@govancouverisland.ca, for further information.